WE believe we have an answer to a leading cause of mortality and medical hardship, which, as of today, has no treatment options

WE believe that by developing therapies to improve arterial function we can create extra ordinary value for patients and shareholders.

We are an early stage pharmaceutical development company focused on the development of menaquinone-7 for the treatment of vascular and other tissue calcification-related diseases.

Our Mission

To develop a novel and potentially groundbreaking therapy to help patients prevent and reverse vascular calcification.

About Us

Kaydence Pharma is an emerging pharmaceutical company focused exclusively on the development of menaquinone-7  as a pharmaceutical product for vascular and other tissue calcification-related diseases.

Our Journey

Calcification-induced vascular stiffening is now recognized as an important predictor of cardiovascular disease and a major risk factor across multiple conditions, including chronic kidney disease, aortic stenosis, and arteriosclerosis…